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Design Systems and Style Guides


The emphasis of design systems and style guide is to provide consistent set of organization branding, principles and assets that ensure the process and evolving designs. 

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Quick Quack Car Wash

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Quick Quack's branding is about happiness and fun during car washing experience.

Therefore, the style guide includes colorful assets and gamified designs.

First Republic Bank

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First Republic Bank's branding is about professional and elegant. The branding leaves a long lasting

impression on users including employees and bank customers.

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While there are more than one micro-interaction on each components, a style guide with prototypes is to provide a standardized set of not only the color picks and fonts, but also interactions, guidelines and rules.



The intention on CFGI's style guide is to create a welcoming atmosphere that

promotes trust, connection and friendly and positive user experiences. 


freshnow styleguide.png

Grocery delivery services provide convenience and efficiency for customers.

However, the most important impression is to promote freshness, healthy and sustainability.

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