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Sharpen banker's go-to tool
for specific banking duties

User flow- Information Architecture- User Interface- Prototype- UX Documentations

Enterprise Application


Bankers only utilize very limited tools from the existing enterprise system. 

What can I do to improve the usage rate of the power tools?


Simplify wire transfer process and provide a unique and customized interface with options of different levels of bankers.


This project reflected my banking experience prior to joining the UX industry. As a personal banker, utilizing the wire transfer application was essential but painful. My goal is to redesign a more efficient platform for the fellow bankers to accomplish their task  a lot easier than I did, which impacts the entire banking system for a better outcome.

UX Review

The current wire transfer application contained a lot of options that bankers may not use:

  • Regardless the level of banker access, the interface contains exactly the same options and content. Therefore, some specific options are displayed but not used for everyone

  • Banker needs to proceed with 2-3 steps until the application launches the wire transfer forms

  • If banker selects an incorrect type of form, the current interface does not have any functionalities to switch to a correct form right away. Instead, banker has to restart the application and select a correct form again

  • Many tools are available but not everything is being utilized by the same banker. 

User Interview

Rounds of interviews were conducted with 10 questions and 15 user survey questions.

Below are the highlights of the result of the user interviews





User Journey

The user journey walks me through the up and down emotions of an user of the current wire transfer application.

Two key highlights are form switching and insufficient/ excessive form information due to the requirements of form varieties.

FRB_user journey.png

Feature Prioritization

While power research with customizable filters are user's most suggested features,

due to the high effort and limited timeline, those features will not be considered until next phrase.

However, form switching feature is also an item banker suggested to have, along with the detailed menu for showing created and verified wires, and reports for auditing.


Information Architecture

A refined and enhanced information architecture is completed to avoid complex flows

Group 9765.png

UX Terminology

While product owners/business analyst suggest to use specific terms for the call to actions, it is considered very important to maintain the usability and understanding the terms without creating jargon. 

The end user (bankers) need to be considered in different employment status, knowledge of terms, backgrounds and etc.


Redesign and Prototype

wire form.png
wire main.png

Select branches

Quick Search with keywords

Access different forms in wire form page

The redesigned auth-in page allows user to:

  1. Select the branch 

  2. Access a much cleaner menu for saved and processed wire transfers

  3. Access all wire forms without more than 1 click

  4. Perform quick search transactions with any keywords such as dollar amounts

With the new segmented control, form can be switched to one from another without

redirecting user back to the main screen


After finishing the 1st phase of the design, the next steps are to ideate and prioritize 

new features to the wire application. 


Bankers provided great feedbacks after user testings. A card sorting exercise will be sent to numeric of bankers across many departments for prominent option preference that fit their needs.

I will also collaborate with consumer banking team to implement similar user interfaces

and components for standardizing the style guide and design systems.

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