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Building strategies to boost up a business by segmenting the needs and implementing digital marketing strategies.


Freshnow is a new e-commerce startup,

formed by 2 entrepreneurs.

Their goal is to aim for young professionals that go for choices of food with good quality from countries such as China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan.

However, due to the lack of experience and funding, they were not able to attract any customers.

My role

UI/UX Designer

Collaborate with 4 stakeholders, 1 Graphic Designer


1 week per design sprint/ Starting from Oct 2020


Google form for survey, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Figma

Pain Points

Weekly sales expectation was not met:


3-4 sales, $50 average per week

Relied on WeChat Business to attract new leads

and customers but failed to bring in new customers

Relied on word of mouth but failed to speed up the process. Due to lack of funding, advertising commitments were not expected

Current customers-Demographic

Chinese from Hong Kong, Taiwan - 70%


Existing products serving the target audience- 20-30%

New leads from existing customers- 1 to 2 per customer

Shopping cart abandonment- 40%, $50-60 per cart

How might I?

With the limited resources, how could I help to boost up their sales and build a marketing strategy for the business?

Freshnow's Logo

I started from the scratch and the logo came with different ideas and alignments

collaborated with stakeholders how to move parts around within the logo. 

freshnow_logo-1 (1).png


Style guide was created based on stakeholder's preference, and choices of produce.


Stakeholders would like to me focus on digital fliers as they would proceed with website redesign in the future

Freshnow's flyer

Flyer in Engish is created


Fliers in Chinese (Traditional and Simplified Chinese) are created for specific target audiences: Customers from Hong Kong, Taiwan ( Traditional), and Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia (Simplified)

Flyer in Traditional Chinese

Flyer in Simplified Chinese


Flyer in English is created as newsletter for emailing customers.

Seasonal Flyer is created for future holiday observations



Weekly sales boosted up to 3-4 daily, raised average to $80 per sales

Communication is key; stakeholders and I keep in touch once in 2 days.



What's New?

Continue reiterating the website. The current website built by Shopify will be temporarily closed for migrating a newly designed one.

Stakeholders are raising funds for website redesign.

Continue to explore the opportunity of marketing shares of non-Asian customers from direct competitors, approach venture capital for fund raising and expansion.

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